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Customer Testimonals from 2010 onwards . . .

FAUN Zoeller always devloping and maintaining great working relationships with customers.

Paul Bennett, Assistant Fleet & Waste Operations Manager at Guildford Borough Council said “The new Faun Zoeller fleet replaced our old Dennis/Terberg vehicles. Apart from the initial period of the crews getting used to the new vehicles, I would say the transition to the new fleet has been seamless. The crews are now used to the Faun Zoeller bin lifts and the vehicles are packing well, with the addition of the packer cut out facility everything is looking positive.”

Gary Kirk, Waste and Street Scenes Officer (Enforcement) said “The new Faun Zoeller sweepers which replaced the Johnston Truck Mounted Sweepers are very good and the aftersales support is second to none.”

Jason Hitchcock; a Viajet 6 Operator said “The vehicle is well built and easy to operate, absolutely brilliant! We also always receive excellent backup and support from the FAUN Zoeller team.”

Guildford Council 20th November 2016

“We have worked closely with FAUN Zoeller throughout our mobilisation period to ensure that the vehicles chosen were the best suited to support the service. Recognising the importance of a seamless service start and transfer FAUN Zoeller also provided an onsite response team, throughout the initial start up week, who were onsite working closely with the Kier team”.

Kier Environmental Services 20th April 2013

“Our experience with Zoeller lifts plus excellent reports from other Scottish councils already using Variopress RCVs were key motivators in selecting the trucks. That fact that we could source everything we needed from one trusted point of contact was the icing on the cake.
“I have complete confidence that the amalgamation of the two established brands will deliver all we need in terms of an efficient collections service. The training received so far has been impeccable and will be instrumental in the long term as we enable our engineers to take our maintenance needs in-house.
“Why we selected the Variopress over other systems was in part due to its innovative on board weighting system that informs drivers of the exact load of carriage and provides cut out when the vehicle is fully loaded. We realised that this would allow us to better understand load capacity, allowing for a larger volume of waste to be carried and cutting down on the number of journeys taken.”

Ken Wilson Head of land services North Lanarkshire Council 20th November 2012

“We took delivery on time and have been delighted with the performance and feedback received from our customers. We have received professional and comprehensive training from the FAUN Zoeller training department who based themselves at our workshops in Sandiway and Pinxton”.

Gary Unsworth Director of Firow 20th November 2012

“May Gurney strives to ensure that councils are using the right supplier for their waste collection needs. After a comprehensive trial of the RCV market in 2010, we chose FAUN Zoeller to support North Kesteven’s domestic waste and recycling collection rounds in 2011. The vehicles performed excellently operationally and financially and the service support received was fantastic. As such, it was a foregone conclusion that we would use FAUN Zoeller in 2012.”

Dave Overton Contract Manager May Gurney 22nd August 2012

“We chose FAUN Zoeller’s Variopress vehicles in order to make our collection rounds more fuel efficient and to save time as our drivers now can take fewer return trips to the waste disposal plant. The support given by FAUN Zoeller has also been fantastic as operators were invited to visit their production facility where they received in-depth training which allowed them to get to grips with the vehicles before they were even delivered.”

David Smith RCV Fleet Manager Warrington BC 20th August 2012

“When it came to selecting a new fleet it was apparent that we needed a high performing waste management solution that was environmentally friendly.
“Through a rigid tendering process FAUN-Zoeller were eventually chosen as the best option. In addition to delivering on price and quality, the customer service on offer has been outstanding, with after sales support from the service department and field service engineers proving particularly valuable in the past. Our overall experiences have been wholly positive”.

Vincent Donnelly Transport Manager – Sefton Council 20th August 2012

“After a competitive tender for the vans last year, we chose FAUN Zoeller’s Variopress vehicles because they are the best value for money for our requirements.”

Mark Taylor Fleet Manager Preston City Council 12th August 2012

“Reducing our impact on the environment is obviously a high priority for us and the new E-Delta lifts help us to manage our clients’ collection rounds more efficiently while cutting fuel wastage and CO² emissions at the same time.”

David Maidman Operations Director Biffa 20th September 2011

“We are excited about this contract. The importance of selecting the right vehicles and the right maintenance partner cannot be underestimated and we welcome the opportunity to work with FAUN Zoeller (UK) Limited”

Paul Flight Divisional Manager Kier Street Services 20th August 2011

“We decided that the most viable solution would be to swap our existing vehicles for ones with an increased capacity. After searching the market we found that FAUN Zoeller (UK) could offer us larger RCVs with greater payloads that could replace the vehicles in our fleet like-for-like. The Rotopress vehicles can each take up to 15 tonnes of waste whereas standard RCVs can only take around 10.5. Since they were delivered earlier this year the RCVs have been a great addition to our maintenance fleet as they are ideally suited to collect organic material. They feature a rotating cone inside the storage unit that starts to break up food and other green waste while it is still in transit; this kick-starts the composting process which, in turn, allows more material to be collected. The vehicles are also designed to minimise unpleasant odours – a problem usually unavoidable during organic collection rounds – as they have been tightly sealed to prevent any leakages and unwanted residues. Since the vehicles were delivered our fuel expenditure and carbon emissions have significantly decreased as our drivers are no longer having to constantly make return trips to the recycling centre.”

David Goodenough Assistant Ops Manager Perth & Kinross 20th May 2011

“We have been using Faun bodies for a number of years and we’re impressed with the quality and reliability”

Martin Hellyer Technical Officer Bath & North East Somerset Council 20th February 2011

“Inverclyde Council are pleased to continue our long standing relationship with FAUN-Zoeller. For over twenty years we have experienced a number of FAUN products and have always found both the sales and service team to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. We are very impressed with the quality of finish on our new Variopress bodies and coupled to the Mercedes Econic chassis we are looking forward to many years of reliable service”.

Jim Bradley Team Leader Inverclyde Council 20th November 2010

South Hams District Council were the first UK Local Authority to purchase a FAUN Roadsweeper in 2002. They ordered their 2nd in 2009, and a third in 2011.
”I would just like it highlighted that ever since we took ‘the gamble’ in 2002 and opted for the first FAUN mechanical sweeper in the UK we do not have any regrets. Unlike some other ventures we have experimented with.”

Richard Dean Transport & Resources Manager South Hams District Council 5th September 2010

“I had no problem in choosing the FAUN product after it had served the contract extremely well over the previous 10 years. It proves that a good product, serviced and maintained properly (Balsdons’ Vehicle Services) can and will support its customer for years to come”.

Tony Milton Contract Manager FCC 20th August 2010


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