Actifit Load Sensing

ACTIFIT Load Sensing Technology

Load sensing technology that takes a load off your mind

With the FAUN ACTIFIT vehicle loading management system, it's easy to make sure that you avoid overloading gross vehicle weight as well as both front and rear axles.

During loading, the ACTIFIT display shows you the percentage of the maximum load capacity for the vehicle that has been used overall and for each axle. While the vehicle is loading, the ACTIFIT control system monitors the load distribution and moves the ejector  panel as required to keep the vehicle loading within the set parameters. Once the upper  limits set by you are reached, the system automatically shuts down the compactor.

Using proven sensor technology, information on load distribution is gathered from  sensor cells and the axle loads are calculated and relayed to the driver via an in-cab  display. The display also acts as a control panel, enabling the system to be adjusted,  calibrated and set by you so that you can control vehicle loading on a day-to-day basis.

By pro active use of the ACTIFIT vehicle loading management system, you can keep your vehicle within legal limits, you can protect not only your own Operator's Licence, but  also the licences of your drivers.

The result: a true and reliable way to monitor and manage safe working loads imposed  on the axles.

Features and Benefits
  • Integrated weighing and control solution for the loading of vehicles.
  • Key system parameters can be set by you.
  • Sensor cell technology proven in practise for over 25 years.
  • 4 or 8 individual cells in one or two sub-frames, the mounting being based on the FAUN torsion-free body mounting system.
  • Cells mounted in waterproof housings.
  • Shielded cables housed in protective steel tubes for long service life in harsh conditions.
  • Easy to use in-cab display module and control system.
  • Display panel shows the percentage of maximum load used for the vehicle as a whole and for each axle's capacity.
  • A password-protected control system enables you to configure loading characteristics by setting the usable front (maximum and minimum) and rear (maximum) axle loads as well as the usable gross maximum vehicle weight load.
  • Automatic cut-off of the compactor when the maximum load condition is reached.
  • Emergency over-ride available if needed.
  • ACTIFIT Air available as an option giving all the benefits of ACTIFIT via chassis with full air suspension.

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