ePOWER Rechargeable Battery Technology

Simply plugging in reduces your emissions

ePOWER (Electrical Power Take Off) uses rechargeable battery technology to run the compactor and the lifter. This results in lower fuel consumption and the reduction of CO2 and noise emissions.

In the search for lower fuel consumption and reduced noise emissions there is a battery set that is charged via the ‘plug-in process’ and used for the electrical operation of the body and lifter of refuse collection  vehicles. This system is called e-POWER.

With conventional vehicles, the main engine provides energy for compacting and emptying containers via the pump linked to the auxiliary drive. With e-POWER vehicles, a battery pack which can be charged overnight at low power consumption times provides the energy for the electrical drive of the body and lifter.

e-POWER start-stop

There is further potential for saving fuel if the vehicle engine is switched off when loading. The large electrical energy accumulator means the engine can easily be started again electrically to continue on its way. This option depends on the chassis manufacturer’s approval.

Features and Benefits
  • Save up to 40% fuel per day
  • Save up to 40% CO2 per day
  • Silent operation for 24 hour collection
  • Safe working environment
  • Can be used with any chassis
  • Can be used with any fuel type
  • 4 hour charge time
  • Charge when electricity is cheaper
  • 50KW power
  • Automatic switch over to chassis power when batteries are empty
  • High efficiency lithium ion batteries
  • Recyclable technology
ePOWER electic lifters
ePOWER electric lifters

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