myFAUN Telematics System

Keep an eye on all your data at all times myFAUN telematics system

myFAUN is a modular telematics system that can be individually configured, to open up new possibilities in terms of waste logistics.

Different streams of data are collected and saved in myFAUN in real time while the vehicles are in operation over the mobile communications network

This is accessed via webpage which makes the data available to you for examination and evaluation when ever you need it.

The system reads collection, vehicle and operational data to be used in a variety of ways to make improvements and increase overall efficiency. For instance, reading the body data enables an early response to wear, minimising failures. Precise route tracking allows the best possible round to be established.

Or you can use the programmable sat nav system for precise directions during collection rounds. With the various myFAUN options, you can choose exactly what system you need.

Main Features
  • Tracks, transmits (on and offline), and analyses RCV data:
  • GPS position (time and position)
  • Chassis data (e.g. speed, maintenance alerts)
  • Weighing data (bin and/or total body weighing)
  • ID-System data (bin number)
  • FCS data (status and error)
  • Alerts, hints
  • Provides information for RCV staff, including guided waste collection round (on- and offline) via touch screen in cab
  • Gives access to this data to the dispatcher
5 Modules
  • Tour Tracking
  • Operating Data
  • Weighing System
  • Tour Navigation
  • Maintenance
Key Benefits

Can be retrofitted
The system can be retrofitted, so installation is possible in any FAUN vehicle with FAUN Control System (FCS).

100 % integration into FAUN products: FCS, body, lifter, weighing system

Cost reduction
Cost reduction thanks to early warning error display, minimises downtime and allows efficient spare parts handling.

Can be integrated
Use of myFAUN data via the customer‘s existing IT system, using a standardized data exchange format.

You can retrieve your data from any Internet access point, irrespective of your location. Data encryption and password protected access means that your data is protected against misuse and against unauthorised third party access.

Why choose myFAUN?
  • Documentation of provided service, easy invoicing
  • Eliminate illegal loading
  • After sales service is provided by FAUN Zoeller UK - USP
  • Simple user interface – RCV driver proof

Modules can function separately or be used any combination.

The FAUN OTS data is collected, linked with GPS coordinates and sent to the FAUN Cloud.

The data is displayed on a webpage, where the user can search, modify and export reports

myFAUN‘s system design means that it reads and uses the data of the T4 module of the FAUN Control System, of the lifter control and of the chassis management system and makes them available via

The myFAUN options offers you the opportunity to configure and use the data and the system, so that it gives you the greatest benefit.


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