Weighing System

Weighing System

The Ochsner weighing and ID system is fully integrated with FAUN Zoeller's range of lifters

FAUN Zoeller's domestic and commercial lifters have been developed to accept the Ochsner (part of the FAUN group weighing system) resulting in a fully integrated bin weighing and identification system, combining two of the waste industry's market leading technologies into one seamless solution.

The weighing and ID system on your vehicle comprises of load cells, acceleration cells, ID readers, central computer, terminal and optional printer. The ID readers form one of the teeth on the lifting comb. The faceplate is bolted to the load cell that is housed in the lifting carriage. When the container is lifted all of it's weight is supported by the load cell allowing the weight to be measured. In order to compensate for motion and angle of the lifter an additional acceleration cell is fitted to the lifting carriage. The ID, load and acceleration data is fed into the central computer during a specified portion of the lifting cycle. The computer then processes this information and sends the complete weight and ID data to the terminal in the cab that stores the information on internal memory and on a removable CF card, it can also print directly to a till roll style printer for on the spot receipts and hard copy back up paperwork or be sent over air.

The Ochsner weighing and ID system is truly dynamic and so has no effect on the already fast cycle times of the FAUN Zoeller lifters; 7secs domestic, 9secs commercial.

The Ochsner system has been tried and tested in Switzerland so has been designed to operate in temperatures from -30° to 50°. It is also not effected by gradient, vibration or weather conditions. There are over many systems operating all over Europe today.

The weighing system can be combined with FAUN Zoeller's tracking system to transmit weighing data over air incorporating GPRS data.

If a full blown Fleet management is required along side weighing data the system can be tied into market leading software to provide a full suite of tracking reports, analysis and other added value functionality.

  • Certified legal for trade
  • Weighing only
  • ID only
  • Weighing & ID
  • W&ID with GPS
  • Full fleet management
  • Accuracy 0.5 or 1 kg up to 150kg, 2kg up to 500kg
  • Temperature Range -30°-50° C
  • Tried and tested in Switzerland for ultimate reliability
  • 25 years experience

For further information please call 01527 594700 or email info@nullFAUN-Zoeller.co.uk

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