Variopress Dual Power

Variopress Dual Power for all your waste disposal needs

The refuse vehicle of the future with diesel-electric hybrid drive. The Variopress Dual Power is quiet as a whisper, highly economical and extremely robust.

In times of short funds and soaring energy prices, money-saving decisions are playing an ever more important role. FAUN Zoeller (UK) Limited, the European market leader of refuse collection vehicles, has developed a new drive concept to help you look after your budget and also do something for the environment.

On its daily round the refuse disposal vehicle motor is subject to numerous and extremely variable demands. The Dual Power option from FAUN Zoeller (UK) Limited is an optimised driveline. It has its own diesel-electric generator which stores energy from braking for use in the refuse disposal operations. This not only relieves stress on the diesel traction engine, brakes and clutch, it also relieves your budget and the environment. In all FAUN Zoeller (UK) Limited body types with the Dual Power option, energy-intensive air brakes are replaced with electric brakes which are designed for energy recovery and reduced brake wear.

An additional generator, which comes on line at exactly the right moment, reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by a third. The unit is enclosed in a soundproof capsule which also reduces noise significantly in comparison to refuse collection vehicles without a hybrid drive.

Benefit from this unique energy concept and let the Variopress Dual Power look after your budget!

Features and Benefits
  • Body volume 20m³
  • 33% less fuel consumption
  • 33% less CO² emissions
  • Silent operation
  • Energy recovery
  • Body volumes from 9m³ to 30m³
  • High payload
  • Smooth curved body
  • Light-weight construction
  • Galvanised sub frame
  • FCS single system
Additional options
  • Virtual rave for open back loading
Compatible Bin Lifts
Variopress Dual Power

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