Miniselectapress offers excellent manoeuvrability

Based on the proven design of the Selectapress this model offers a split body in a small package.

The Miniselectapress is an innovative small body design based on the larger proven design of the Selectapress split body. The Mini Selectapress is designed for inner city operations where excellent manoeuvrability is a major requirement in tight situations.

The design can be offered as a 50/50 split and can be fitted with a number of different bin lift options.

Features and Benefits
  • Body volumes from 9m³ to 11m³
  • Payload 5.2 tonne
  • Body width 2.3m
  • 50/50 split construction
  • Bioflap to prevent cross contamination
  • Single lightweight tailgate
  • Separate compaction and ejection
  • Minimal overhang for manoeuvrability
  • G12 control
  • Recycling pod
Additional options
  • Virtual rave for open back loading
Compatible Bin Lifts