Powerpress - the specialist for difficult cases

Heavy duty rear end loader or for the collection of large containers.

The Powerpress is the right solution whenever the most demanding requirements have to be satisfied. The Powerpress is not only an all-round collection vehicle for all containers up to 10 m³ (including bulk refuse), it is also designed throughout to cope with the toughest of operations. Within a progressive overall concept the Powerpress combines top-quality materials and workmanship with proven technology – an exceptional loader.

There is a Powerpress to meet every requirement: 18 m³ for two-axle chassis, 20 to 25 m³ for three-axle chassis and 30 m³ for four-axle chassis form the basis. With expert advice from your FAUN Zoeller (UK) Limited sales partner you can specify the right vehicle, tailor-made to meet your exact requirements.

The Powerpress comes with open tailgate, or with DIN interface frames, or with a built-in FAUN Zoeller (UK) Limited lifter. Built-in lifters from FAUN Zoeller (UK) Limited, featuring an extremely low rave height, low gross weight, and excellent rave visibility ensure that they represent a particularly worthy investment.

Features and Benefits
  • Body volumes from 18m³ to 25m³
  • High payload
  • Smooth curved body
  • Robust construction
  • Pre-compaction in hopper
  • Powerful swing link packer
  • Galvanised sub frame
  • Large volume hopper
  • FCS single system
  • Recycling pod
  • Powerpress REL
Additional options
  • Virtual rave for open back loading
Compatible Bin Lifts

Our latest video of the Powerpress


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