Modern version of the original RCV with a rotating drum

When it comes to economy the Rotopress is beyond compare. Thanks to its unique rotating drum principle the Rotopress is the most economical refuse vehicle for the collection of household waste and equivalent commercial waste.

Fewer moving parts mean less maintenance and fewer repairs even with multi-shift operation. Just one reason why the Rotopress is one of the most economical vehicles available as far as upkeep is concerned. Additional advantages offered by the rotating drum include: easy and residue-free discharge, low-maintenance screw press, a perfectly tight seal, no residues, no odours.

Profitable, hygienic, manoeuvrable and environmentally friendly – the attributes that make the Rotopress the optimum solution for a variety of waste-disposal tasks.

Fitted with an appropriately sized bin lifter the Rotopress can empty all containers from 60 litres to 1,100 litres. A particular environmental benefit of the Rotopress becomes apparent during the collection of organic waste, in that it is immediately composted in the rotating drum.

With its attractively clean design the Rotopress retains its looks even after many years of service. More importantly, it still works perfectly too. Not surprising therefore that its resale value remains so high.

Features and Benefits
  • Body volumes 14m3 to 25m3
  • High payload
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Continual packing
  • Less spillage, less dust
  • Less moving parts
  • Self cleaning
  • Short overhang
  • Reduced noise
  • FCS single system
  • Recycling pod
  • Rotopress XL
Additional options
  • Bag ripper
  • Liquid tank
  • Attractive marketing logo’s
Compatible Bin Lifts

Our latest video of the Rotopress


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