Frontpress and REL with ECOTEC Group

Posted 14th February 2017 by Deborah Hinckesman. |


For several years the ECOTEC Group have enjoyed significant sales of the FRONTPRESS and REAR END LOADER across Europe and indeed further afield!

In the latter part of 2015, new designs of both configurations were created and built in the new manufacturing facility in Gdansk. The units were presented to the UK team for internal testing with very promising results and a very positive reaction from our engineering team and clients.

David Graham, our design engineer was assigned with the task of working with group for some modifications from the feedback in the UK testing period. Soon after the vehicles were presented to the market for testing. They featured an improved packing operation and the additional volume to allow for higher payloads to be achieved. This was was of significant advantage to the users, together with less time for cleaning.


David said ‘Conditions were very tough and they were definitely put through rigorous testing as the conditions on ‘this island’ are infinitely more testing!’

‘I will say however that the FRONTPRESS, whilst new to the UK market, is a tried and tested product in Europe with some excellent features such as the packing feature which can do a 1/8 pack which would be a huge advantage to clients as no other similar vehicle has this’.

David also stated ‘The REL is also a new product to the UK market. This vehicle offers a 4 chain lifting system offering enhanced safety to the operator. There is some finer detail and modification to be made for the UK market but once this is achieved I have no doubt that the REL would be an asset to any operation.’

The significant benefits of the new designs were most noticeably the ease of use for the drivers. The new FCS, FAUN Control System, was extremely simple to use in operation and assisted greatly in the service and maintenance.

Health and safety also featured very highly in the feedback from the testers, which is a vital component for operators in a working environment and the general performance, in terms of payload and minimal downtime’ were also higher than anticipated. We now have both vehicles in our demonstration fleet and the overall feedback from our clients has been excellent.

Simon Hyde, CEO of FZ UK said ‘I am delighted with such feedback and the opportunities for both of these new product configurations has presented our business and portfolio’.