Viajet 12

Viajet 12 - Your high performance specialist

The VIAJET 12 sweeper is designed for the harshest and most specialist working environments

Built on a three axle chassis configuration with a 26 tonne GVW, this sweeper combines a huge payload with considerable user volume. With equipment configuration based on users bespoke requirements, the VIAJET 12 is a specialist for any contractor who has to produce results on a larger scale such as building sites, quarries, motorways and airport runways to name but a few.

The VIAJET 12 comes with FAUN's patented air circulation system as standard which guarantees the lowest air emissions of any road sweeper manufacturer.

FAUN Drive Concepts

Hydrostatic Drive

HS 3000 - heavy duty class for 400hp and above, drive via rear engine PTO, enabling it to be combined with automatic transmissions, inter-axle differential with fixed drive shaft is driven by the drive motor. This specialist FAUN development means that the engine can be driven in the optimal operating range. The sensitive control relieves the load on the drive train considerably, especially during load alteration. Three drive programmes make it possible to adapt effectively to any situation. It is operated by simply using the drive pedal. Cruise control is an optional extra.

FAUN Air Circulation System

The FAUN air circulation system constantly transports extracted air from the sweeping container to the blowing nozzle. Only a small proportion of the air is released into the atmosphere. The quantity of circulating air can be adjusted between 30-70% depending on requirements.

Fine dust emissions from a FAUN road sweeper with the air circulation system are at least 50% lower than purely suction only sweepers. The small amount of un-recycled air is released behind the sweeping devices in the area that has already been swept. Adding water to the blast air also enables the road to be cleaned the area of the suction shaft.

In winter it can be used in temperatures down to -5¢ªC by adding water to the suction shaft as the air introduced into the circuit is heated up to around 15¢ªC and so prevents the water in the suction shaft and container from freezing.

Viajet 12 Features

The Viajet 12 has an array of impressive features listed below.

Maximum Suction Performance
  • Inclined high speed fan
  • Optimum suction performance
  • High sweeping speed
  • Sweeping devices and rear suction system can be used simultaneously
  • High suction width at a high suction power
Extraordinary High Volume of Water
  • Total water volume of 4,700 litres
  • Can be expanded with additional water tank
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Lightweight fibre-glass tank, completely resistant to corrosion.
Strong Drive
  • High performance hydrostatic drive
  • High drive comfort
The Suction Shaft
  • Large opening
  • Robust
  • Optimal aerodynamics
The Wide Sweep Brush
  • Swing mounting
  • Sweepings carried optimally into the shaft
  • Wide approach angle
The Aggressive Broom
  • Wide range of adjustments available
  • Works in front of the widesweep brush
The Container
  • Optimal load thanks to special air circulation
  • Easy to empty even for milled materials
  • Container without integrated water tank
  • Very high stability when tipping
  • Low oversuction given due to container height
  • Stainless steel bottom pan with raised sides
Everything at a Glance
  • All functions simple to access
  • Intuitive control

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